Liz Hooke & Lilly Strickland 

Devri Ray & Tyler Schultz

Emily Bishop & Nikita Courdt

Amanda Stern & Angela D’Alessandro


he dancers at Fred Astaire Dance School hosted The Fred Astaire Guest Party on 
Friday, August 28. The Fred Astaire Dance School is open to the public for lessons 
and fun. That evening, the Fred Astaire Guest Party invited many people to enjoy 
delicious food, beverages, and intriguing dance lessons for everyone around. All 

types of dances were taught throughout the night such as the salsa, the tango, the foxtrot, and 
the swing. Everyone learned a few steps for each dance and practiced with their fellow dancers. 
Whether they had been dancing for years or it was their fi rst day, everyone enjoyed their night 
full of entertainment and excitement. 

The ballroom was illuminated with twinkly lights all around the dance fl oor, which made 

the room feel very alive. Some of Fred Astaire’s very own dancers performed for all the guests 
to watch. Attendees enjoyed a comfortable environment where they could dance and be 
themselves. Everyone had smiles on their faces and the room was fi lled with joy from all the 
dancing and mingling on the dance fl oor. The Fred Astaire Dance School really brought some 
great things to some of the lovely people of Pensacola.

photos & story by


Alex Mason

Jim & Beth Kyburz

   VIP Pensacola at Fred Astaire Dance School 

Guest Party

Megan Linde & Blake Matheny

October 2018   |   75 

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