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he Pensacola Gulf Coast Chapter of the American 
Wine Society held its monthly membership meeting 
on Sunday, August 19, at the newly opened Casks 
and Flights Wine Tasting Room on Palafox Street in 

Downtown Pensacola. The chapter holds the meeting in a new venue 
each month in order to diversify the event, incorporate new, exciting, 
and fresh businesses into the experience. 

The August meeting featured catering by Culinary Contessa where 

owners Rhonda and Scott Ford brought in knowledgeable guest 
speaker C. Ray Jones to discuss the individual wines on display for 
the evening. The American Wine Society Chapters make it their goal 
to open these meetings to anyone interested in the education of how 

to pour, drink, taste, and enjoy fi ne wines.

American Wine Society Chapters are forums for wine-loving 

members to share experiences and learn about wine. They are the 
backbone of AWS.  Chapters organize wine tastings and other events 
to suit members’ interests, ranging from serious wine tastings to 
winemaking to social events and food pairings. The possibilities 
are limitless, and nearly all chapters are thrilled to welcome new 
members and visitors who want to check them out before joining. 
American Wine Society members are not required to be in a chapter, 
but tasting and learning about wine is a lot more fun if you do it with 
friends. The AWS has more than 180 chapters across the country. 

American Wine Association 

Monthly Meeting 

photos & story by

Kristina Wright 

Bonnie & Dick Bedics

   VIP Pensacola at Casks and Flights Wine Tasting Room

Pensacola Gulf Coast Chapter 

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