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Simply Elegant Couture Bridal and Prom


he Stella York Trunk Show had its fi rst event in Pensacola on the weekend of August 
24-26 at Simply Elegant Couture Bridal and Prom on 9th Avenue. During the event, 
Stella York representative Brittany Archer was on hand to help scheduled brides 
try on and choose the perfect dress for their special day. The Trunk Show is held all 

over the world, and brings in twenty to twenty-fi ve one of a kind gowns not normally carried in 
stores. Sizes range from 0-34, and are all inclusive for all brides. Brittany said, “I basically come 
in to help walk brides through the designs and features of the gowns, and provide any help I can 
with the fi tting and knowledge process.” 

The Trunk show is usually held for one weekend only, and is launched with new collections 

in both the fall and spring seasons. Stella York is based in Australia, with their US headquarters 
based in Kansas City, Kansas. 

Simply Elegant Couture Bridal and Prom is a “By Appointment Only” bridal boutique, where 

brides speak to the knowledgeable and friendly staff about their likes and dislikes for styles, 
shades, and features of their perfect dress. The experience is fi nely tailored to each bride, to 
provide a unique opportunity to fi nd that perfect dress, and enjoy the process. 

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