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use Salon of Pensacola 
celebrated the opening of 
their new location at 416 
East Belmont on Saturday, 

September 8. Guests and clients were invited 
to the open house, which also coincided 
with their Hair Fashion Night, sponsored 
by L’Oreal Professional. The evening 
consisted of heartwarming conversation, 
light refreshments and champagne, as well 
as a fi rst-hand preview of new product 
demonstrations by Elizabeth Rutledge 
and Amanda Goolsby. Salon Centric 
representative Sarah Henderson was on hand 
to provide an opportunity to experiment 
with a unique, temporary hair makeup color 
application by FLASH, that washes out 
after one shampoo. Owner Jacob Head was 
also in attendance, making sure guests were 
informed of all the new services Muse Salon 
provides, and offered great discounts on 
products from the L’Oréal Professional line, 
including Seriee Expert, as well as Balmain 
Paris, and Techni.Art Wild Stylers Next Day 
Hair. These products allow for customization 
for each client and L’Oréal extends this line 
into additional customizing hair treatments 
that the stylists can administer in the salon 
during appointments.

Muse Salon of Pensacola was voted “Best 

in Pensacola” this year, and strives to deliver 
only the best service and commitment to 
their clients. The vintage, elegant, and classic 
atmosphere in the salon invites guests to feel 
more relaxed during their appointments, and 
each stylist provides a one on one consult to 
create the most beautiful cut, color, and style 
combination for each unique client.



photos & story by


Kristina Wright 

Pranee Adams & Scott Peck

   VIP Pensacola at Muse Salon

Mary Evelyn & Jacob Head

Sarah Henderson & Elizabeth Rutledge

Chad Dunn, Michelle & Vicki Bellanova

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