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erdido Key welcomed a brand-new 
business into the community on 
Friday, September 7. Pee Paw’s 
Histerical Tours had their offi cial 

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony hosted by the 
Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce. The 
community of Perdido Key and surrounding 
areas is rich in culture, tourism, and history, 
and owner John Vick felt the need to fi nd 
a great way to tie all these unique features 
together into a package to educate travelers 
and newcomers to the area. 

John explained, “My wife Linda came 

home from a trip and mentioned that she had 
been on a tour that inspired her. She said, 
“You’re retired. You could do this here!” 
John has been working with several area 
businesses to gather their support, as well as 
any old photos, records, and inspired stories 
to compile a one of a kind experience. The 
tour is set to last about two hours, spanning 
the locations of Perdido Key, Johnson’s 
Beach, Innerarity Point, and the Naval Air 
Station. Each tour features a slide show of 
over seventy historic photos. Clips from the 
1956 “Wings of Eagles” and a one-minute 
intro from the 1960’s series Blue Angels are 
also featured. 

Pee Paw’s wanted to include a little bit of 

a “human” element by combining the area’s 
rich history with local stories passed down 
from generation to generation. One of the 
highlights mentioned is that Hollywood 
stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford 
Bought land in Innerarity Point with the 
intent to build a residence, golf courses, 
and polo grounds. The tour also helps to 
encourage guests to indulge in our local 
cuisine, shopping locations, and featured 

photos & story by

Kristina Wright 

Tricia Wible & Allison Blake

   VIP Pensacola at Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce

Linda & John Vick, Dana Pagador

Pee Paw’s

Histerical Tours

Ribbon Cutting

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