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n Tuesday, August 21, Hemingway’s Island Grill hosted Business After 
Hours for The Pensacola Beach Chamber of Commerce. The Pensacola 
Beach Chamber is a local group of small business owners along Pensacola 
Beach and parts of Pensacola. They are there to socialize with others 

and promote their businesses in a fun way. Business After Hours is about locals of 
Pensacola sharing their work interests and fi nding new clients. It is a great way to 
socialize and network with other guests at the event and hopefully build a relationship 
for future business. 

Hemingway’s Island Grill food was certainly a taste of the ocean; shrimp, lobster, 

and wide variety of fi sh is one way to bring in a crowd. The members and guests of 
The Chamber enjoyed their food and beverages while mingling. The Pensacola Beach 
Chamber of Commerce and Business After Hours successfully made the room a 
relaxed environment for old and new businesses to come together and put themselves 
out there to discuss what their businesses can do for each other. 

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Jordan Cerone, Chris Watley & Claire Montgomery

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Alex Mason







Pensacola Beach Chamber

Ron Spradling & Letha Figueroa

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