We will also be seeing a lot of 1980s fashion revival with 

big shoulders, embellishments and black leather. Distressed 

denim is still in full force as well as skinny jeans and black 

denim. Head to toe black is a chic look and a timeless leather 

jacket will take you far this fall. Leather and suede jackets 

look phenomenal in black, camel, grey and colors like blush 

and burgundy as well. They are a must have piece in your 

wardrobe because they can be worn with everything from 

a feminine dress, to work, with sexy skinnies, or over a 

turtleneck. No matter how you style your investment piece, 

these jackets will elevate your look. 

So much of fashion is a throwback to previous decades, 

but this fall we will be transported to the future. You will 

be seeing transparent plastic pieces, iridescent fabrics and 

something we never thought would come back in style, 

lucite high heels! If you haven’t experimented with wearing 

metallics, you will this season. Try out all the shades of gold, 

silver, copper and bronze and see what works best for your 

coloring and personal style. If wearing a gold leather skirt is 

too much for you, start smaller with silver ankle booties and 

ease your way into the iridescent world of mixing metals. 

Some other fun trends that will spill 

over from last fall are faux furs 

and animal prints. The moral of 

the story this fall is to experiment 

and expect the unexpected! 

Expect the

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