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Fall Fashion:


ear after year and season after season, fashion 

repeats itself. It is a vicious cycle of shopping for 

the latest trends, getting sick of them, then they 

come back in fashion, and then you buy them 

again! Well get ready to expect the unexpected for fall 2018. 

You will see new and exciting twists on old fall favorites, 

as well as be blown away by fashion you’ve never seen 

before. Patterns are going to be big this season, especially 

plaid. Think a revamp of Cher Horowitz from Clueless in 

a menswear inspired jacket, and that is Fall Fashion 2018. 

Along with plaid there will be an abundance of herringbone 

and houndstooth in menswear cuts. While the menswear is 

oversized, the outerwear is even bigger. With bright and bold 

colors and layering, this is defi nitely a cold weather trend. 

We’ve got a while before we can wear a parka layered over a 

jacket layered over a fl eece here in Florida! 

Mixing textures is another fun trend we will be seeing a lot 

of. You can pair everything from patchwork and crochet to 

knits and shearlings to create the ultimate folksy fashion look. 

This look is often coupled with a nature inspired color palette 

of mustard, olive green, beige, maroon, camel, chocolate 

and burnt orange. Another pattern that is popular for fall 

in all aspects of your life from fashion to home is fl orals. 

There are delicate fl oral patterns and bold bouquets in every 

color imaginable. Florals are wonderful because they mix 

so well with stripes and plaids, making 

them extremely versatile for fall. A 

unique way to play with fl orals is to 

try embellished pieces, watercolor 

prints, or one of a kind hand 

painted wearable art. 

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Courtney Murray

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9/27/18   11:44 AM