Timothy Moore, Eric Micali & Joshua Broxson

Kristina & David Beardsley, Tyler Opitz & Amber McClellan

Laura Gorum, Valerie Dawson & Cary Jenkins

Susan & Mike Watkins

James & Hannah Andress

Samantha & Kenneth Crooke


he lovely people of Seville Quarter hosted the annual 2018 Emerald Coast Beer 
Festival on Friday, September 7. On the warm September night, Seville opened 
their doors for the annual event where people, of drinking age of course, buy 

individual tickets to go to this special event where they get to taste test the local breweries’ 
newest masterpieces. The event took place right outside of Seville Quarter with countless 
beverage stands lined up in the streets for the guests that night. The street was illuminated 
by lights that were strung from building to building and gave a warm, artsy feel to the 
summer night. The event was full of smiles and laughter and was a huge hit for downtown 
Pensacola. The 2018 Emerald Coast Beer Festival started in the early evening and lasted 
all night. It was obvious that the locals and some guests from out of town enjoyed the beer 
festival and their night in downtown Pensacola as well. 



photos & story by


Alex Mason

   VIP Pensacola at Seville Quarter

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