What is your hometown, what brought 

you to the Emerald Coast and how long 

have you been here?  

I was born and grew up in Rock Island, Illinois, 

but after 30+ years in the Air Force I settled in 

Clovis, New Mexico. An Air Force contract 

caused me to periodically visit Hurlburt and 

once I discovered Destin it was an easy choice to 

move here in 2011.  

What is your profession and give a brief 

description of what you do.

My business card says I’m a “Professional 

Volunteer.” I’m on the Destin City Council 

and volunteer at several local clubs and 

organizations. I‘m in the Destin Rotary Club, 

Destin Chamber of Commerce, Knights of 

Columbus, American Legion, Hurlburt Chiefs 

Group, and Parrotheads, to name a few. I’ve 

always tried to give back to my country and my 

local community.   

What do you like best about Destin and 

what makes it unique?

I’ve lived literally all over the world. I moved 14 

times in 30 years in the Air Force. Destin is by 

far the best of the best. There are more concerts, 

celebrations and just fun events every week than 

I could ever fi nd anywhere else.  

Give us three words that best describe 


Thoughtful, Positive, Dependable

Favorite things you like about Destin.

I love taking the Water Taxi to the Harbor for 

dinner, entertainment, and the fi reworks. The 

beach is across the street from my condo and it’s 

the best in the world.  

I AM DESTIN because…



I want us to be the best community in Florida 

and if we are we’ll be the best community in 





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