uly 4th is an important day of 
celebration and reflection for the 
United States, but it’s even more 
special for ERA American Real Estate. 

In a tradition that spans more than 30 years, 
ERA American hit the streets to place more 
than 50,000 flags in front of homes from 
Navarre to South Walton.

CEO Gloria Frazier credits her company’s 

patriotic name and traditions to conversations 
she had with a mentor before opening the firm 
in 1981.  Frazier noted, “Dr. Beukenkamp 
was born in Holland and was one of the most 
fiercely loyal naturalized Americans I have 
ever met. It was his suggestion that I name 
the company American Real Estate in the 
first place. We live in an area where we are all 
constantly reminded of the men and women 
who serve our country. I grew up in Los 
Angeles and was 19 years old before I ever 
met anyone who was currently serving in the 
military. It is our great privilege to say thank 
you in this small way.”

Realtors® and staff for both the sales and 

property management divisions will be out 
just before July 4th, walking community 
sidewalks and streets and placing a flag in 
front of more than 50,000 area homes.

The firm donates thousands of flags at 

company events and to local non-profit, civic, 
and religious groups throughout the year. 
Still, curb-by-curb, in the heat of July ERA 
American Real Estate creates a ‘sweat equity’ 
that the agents and staff have come to cherish.

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Hitting the American Streets

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