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he home of top designers, high 
fashion, and beautiful women’s 
clothing on Commons Drive 
hosted the Love Tokens Jewelry 

Trunk Show on the weekend of June 15. 
Drawing in both locals and vacationers,  
Today’s Boutique, one of the best places for 
fashion in the area, was the perfect venue to 
host such an elaborate display of beautiful, 
handcrafted jewelry.  Shoppers enjoyed fi nger 
foods and champagne as they indulged in 
their favorite pastime.

Love Token Jewelry is designed and created 

by Stacey DeGraffenreid from Oklahoma 
City, OK. Stacey was born and raised in 
Oklahoma City and started designing 
jewelry in 1990 for her boutique in Norman, 
Oklahoma. Since then the line has grown 
from 50 pieces that her husband Chris sold to 
a handful of boutiques in 2008 to thousands 
of designs. Today, you can fi nd Love Token 
Jewelry in a lot of upscale boutiques, high 
end western stores, websites, and mail order 
catalogs across the United States.

photos & story by

 Zhalman Harris

Shelly Trivette & Christa Shea

   VIP Destin at Today’s Boutique

Joyce VanBelkum, Kim & Jim Dettle with Dwight

Love Token Jewelry 

Trunk Show

Renee Beaman, Kim Dettle & Joan Duncan

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6/26/18   11:00 AM