photos & story by


Zhalman Harris






he5th Annual 100 Point 
and Cult Wine Dinner 
benefiting Alaqua Animal 
Refuge was held on Saturday, 

June 16, at the waterfront horse farm of  
Taylor and Laurie Hood.  A Cocktail 
reception was held in the Alaqua Barn 
where guests enjoyed prosecco, specialty 
cocktails from The Craft Bar, appetizers, 
and live music from Tim Jackson and 
Friends. Guests also enjoyed animal 

encounters as Alaqua volunteers brought 
some of Alaqua’s animals into the barn 
to meet guests, including Beatrice - 
the potbellied pig; Ruby – the mini 
horse; Hermione – the lamanche goat; 
Jenny – the donkey; and a new litter of 
chihuahua puppies.  Guests were also 
able to tour the vast property. 

An elegant 4-Course dinner, prepared 

by Chef Nikhil Abuvala of Roux 30A, 
perfectly paired with stellar 100 point 

and cult wines took place under an 
air-cooled tent overlooking Alaqua 
Bayou. Later, guests enjoyed a decadent 
3-course dessert of chocolates from 
chocolate sommelier Sophia Rea, of 
Projet Chocolat. 

During the dinner Alaqua’s founder, 

Laurie Hood, thanked her distinguished 
guests for being there and for the role 
they play in giving the animals at the 
refuge a second chance.

   VIP Destin at the Alaqua Animal Refuge 

Brian & Shauna Oliver

Phil & Elizabeth Mortimer

Dennis, Andrea & Marty Soltis

Heavenly Dawson, Laurie Hood & Bill Dawson

Dennis Peters & Don Bishop 

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100 Point and Cult

Wine Dinner

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6/25/18   1:09 PM