rueger, Fosdyck & Associates is a household name here 
on the Emerald Coast and is led by none other than 
Tim Krueger. As a businessman, a family man, and a 
community leader, Tim Krueger is an integral part of 

Destin. Tim was destined to be a businessman. Growing up with a 
single mom and a sister, they had to work hard for the things they 
had. At the age of eight, Tim mowed and washed cars, and did 
basically anything to make money to help support his family. He 
explains, “This love of capitalism, if applied properly, allows the 
poor (like me) a way out of poverty. Finance was a natural offshoot 
of these life lessons.” In 1983 Tim was given an opportunity by a 
small investment firm in Houston, Texas, and the rest is history. 

Tim describes his job as akin to an air traffic controller, delegating 

to his incredible work family, a team of six. “I oversee all operations of 
our practice and remain very involved in the day to day activities,” he 
said. “My role as it stands now, is to help our clients understand aging 
and the perils (like Alzheimer’s) that come with it. My new question is 
‘What Does 100 Look Like to You?’ Living to 100 is rapidly becoming 
a reality. Exciting isn’t it?” Krueger says the best part of his job is when 
a client says thank you after a big life event. “Unlike a builder, I don’t 
have the satisfaction of seeing tangible evidence of my work so the 
intangibles are all I have,” said Tim. “If I can’t throw a fastball 100mph, 
drive like Mario Andretti, or play guitar like Eric Clapton this is as 
good as it gets for a guy like me.” Tim recognizes how difficult it is to 
break into this business, and helping young people succeed is the most 
rewarding experience for him. Tim not only gives 110% professionally, 
he also gives back in so many ways to our community. He is a Trustee 
of the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, a charter member 

of Sinfonia Gulf Coast, and the founder of the Emerald Coast Cattle 
Barons’ Ball. He is on an advisory board for the Destin Aquatic Center, 
and a big supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of the Emerald Coast, the 
Children’s Advocacy Center, and much more. 

In addition to his many charitable contributions, Tim has been very 

involved in military affairs. In 2006 he worked with Congressman 
Jeff Miller and Colonel Bud Day and championed the Emerald Coast 
Honor Flight to take WWII Veterans to DC to see ‘their’ memorial. 
He is currently working on a plan to resurrect the Honor Flight for 

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Courtney Murray


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