magine being transported back in time through 

music; to a time filled with big band music and 

military pride. It is a group called The Village 

Belles that acts as your time machine. The Belles 

were formed in 2014 by Caroline Majure; a vocal coach 

with Dreamcatcher Vocal Performance Studio.  At 

the time, Caroline worked as a performer at the iconic 

Harborwalk Village in Destin. They began having a 

Red, White and Blue Hero Celebration each Thursday 

to honor our military. It made perfect sense to add a 

patriotic performance to the already successful event, 

hence the name “Village” Belles. The Belles began 

with three young, beautiful and talented female singers 

performing music from the Big Band Era splashed 

with a few patriotic tunes as well. It was an instant hit. 

The show has continued every season for four years at 

Harborwalk Village.

The show has, since then, gained lots of popularity 

and new additions in performers as well as numbers, 

giving the group access to more opportunities and 

venues. In 2017 the show added a quite talented young 

man who has performed all over the world raising 

awareness for Autism. “We are blessed to have Reid 

Soria join us from time to time with his beautiful 

rendition of American Trilogy,” said Caroline. Some 

of their favorite tunes are the old classic “Boogie 

Woogie Bugle Boy,” God Bless The USA and God 

Bless America. “One of the most fun for us is “Dear 

Future Husband”...this one gives us a chance to 

HAM IT UP!!” Caroline laughed. “Perhaps the most 

meaningful performances are actually away from the 

glitz, glam, and lights as we get to take our show to the 

people that inspire us the most...the Veterans. Many 

of them now live in assisted living facilities such as 

Somerby, Bob Hope Village, and American House,” she 

described. “They absolutely love hearing some of the 

vintage tunes. The looks on their faces and the love and 

appreciation they express to us are priceless!”

Military pride has so many levels of meaning to The 

Village Belles individually and as a group.  Several of 

the members are military spouses and daughters of 

military service members. Caroline describes, “Our 

pride runs deep...and runs every day. The sacrifices 

our military members make, not just on the battlefield, 

but in their homes are duly noted and we collectively 

honor that and have such deep respect for all that they 

give to our country.” The show is customized for each 

event complete with costume changes, choreography, 

fun banter with the audiences, and their signature red 

lipstick. The lineup starts with classic big band era 

songs and transitions into a more modern and patriotic 

feel before ending with one of the best Armed Forces 

medleys ever, honoring all service branches: Army, 

Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. Caroline 

Majure is accompanied by three talented and beautiful 

performers; Abigail Hutula, Amanda McCardle, and 

Megan Gorofolo. The Village Belles perform all over 

the Emerald Coast from festivals and fundraisers 

to military events, weddings, and birthdays. They 

are excited about their upcoming performances for 

Emerald Coast Theatre Company, Somerby Assisted 

Living, American House, and Mattie Kelly Arts 

Foundation to name a few.  Caroline concluded, “The 

support of the Emerald Coast has been incredible as we 

continue to honor our military and their families.”

For additional information visit thevillagebelles.com, their 

Facebook page, or call 770 330-6964. 

 story by


Courtney Murray


|  photos provided by


The Village Belles

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