VIP Destin at The Henderson

Joy Henderson & Mary Henderson

Jillian & Russ Gilbert

Melissa Mercer & Bonnie Bianca

photos & story by

 Zhalman Harris

Niki Noblin, Matt & Nicole Butler, John & Karen Bowen


n January 10, The Henderson 
Resort and Spa hosted Art Wave, 
an art exhibition dedicated to 
celebrating local artists who have 

art displayed throughout the resort, as well 
as new pieces from their latest collections. 
Event goers had the opportunity to view live 
paintings and mingle with the featured artists, 
including Jeff Waldorff, John Maher, Justin 
Gaffrey, Lori Drew, Mary Hong, Melissa 
Mercer Brown, and Tony Mennillo in the 
Crystal Ballroom of The Henderson.

Guests enjoyed light bites and refreshments, 

a fun time in the photo booth provided by Epic 
Photo Co., some great music by DJ 30A, and 
participated in a silent auction held throughout 
the evening. Select pieces from each artist 
were also available for purchase. All of the 
money raised through ticket sales and auction 
goes to the South Walton Artifi cial Reef 
Association (SWARA), a non-profi t aimed at 
the construction, deployment, and monitoring 
of permitted artifi cial reefs in Walton County’s 
Gulf of Mexico coastal waters in order to 
benefi t the underwater habitat and ecosystem.

Hannah Martin, Mark Berler & Allison Wickey

Ray & Connie Dismukes

February 2019   |   103

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1/28/19   5:17 PM